Trans-eQTLs across different cancer types

In trans-eQTL, we identified 715,952 eQTL−gene pairs at FDR < 0.05 in 33 cancer types for users to search or browse.
This page displays cancer type, SNP ID:  Reference id from dbSNP, SNP Position: The position of SNP including chromosme, Alleles: SNP alleles, Gene Position: Strand : Gene genomic position including chromosome, gene region and strand, r: The correlation coefficient, Beta: Effect size of SNP on gene expression (calculated by linear regression using a computationally efficient eQTL analysis called Matrix eQTL), P-value: P-value calculated by Matrix eQTL, Display: Diagram of boxplot to display the association between SNP genotypes and gene expression.

e.g., NACA3P or ENSG00000204792

e.g., rs7231881

eQTL plot ×