GWAS-eQTLs across different cancer types

eQTLs that overlaps with tagSNPs and/or linkage disequilibrium regions were extracted as GWAS-related eQTLs.
We identified 1,709,372 eQTLs that overlap with GWAS linkage disequilibrium (LD) regions (r² ≥ 0.5).
GWAS-eQTL page displays SNP Position: The position of SNP including chromosme, Alleles: SNP alleles, Gene Position : Strand: Gene genomic position including chromosome, gene region and strand, r: The correlation coefficient, Beta: Effect size of SNP on gene expression (calculated by linear regression using a computationally efficient eQTL analysis called Matrix eQTL), P-value: P-value calculated by Matrix eQTL, LD: Linkage disequilibrium, GWAS Traits: Traits linked with SNP.

e.g., rs7231881

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