TPcalc: calculate topological parameters

of protein structure


PDB file: ('.Z' and '.gz' formats are also acceptable.)

or PDB code: (It takes a while to download structure from PDB database.)

Chain: (Default is the first chain.)

Residue Range: - (Default is from the first to the last, ie, all residues.)

Topological Parameters:

CO. Rcut: Angstrom.

Abs_CO. Rcut: Angstrom.

CTP. Rcut: Angstrom.

TCD. Lcut: Residue; Rcut: Angstrom.

LRO. Lcut: Residue; Rcut: Angstrom.

Flocal. Lcut: Residue; Rcut: Angstrom.

LR_CO. Lcut: Residue; Rcut: Angstrom.

CC. Rcut: Angstrom.

Abs_CC. Rcut: Angstrom.

Lcut: the sequence separation for the definition of two contacting residues;

Rcut: the space distance between two atoms for the definition of two contacting residues.

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